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Premium online fitness classes & nutrition.

I’ve created these premium fitness classes for everyone starting from beginner to advanced level with an in depth FAQ to answer all doubts.

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Transforming lifes with fitness & nutrition.

With free online classes people who don’t have the time or money to afford a personal coach can make change their lives forever.

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The journey to better grades and less headache starts now.

Free Online Courses and Lessons

I provide a detailed syllabus and lessons that reflect the established academic curriculum, but with greater simplicity, step by step video explanation, and humor.

Group Classes and Study Sessions

Group classes and study periods are a whole lot of fun. We go in depth with the lessons in my syllabus, engaging in collaborative discussion, ample practice and questions.

One-on-One Guidance

Need some extra help? Have a burning question, topic or test coming up? Schedule a 15 minute, 30 minute or 35 minute video call for personal support!

Track your progress and academic improvement

Initiate intermittent testing throughout your study period with us! This way we can keep track of your progress and while analyzing your strengths and primary concerns.

Student on student success

As a high school senior, I understand the value of a collaborative student community. In our online network, you will find that it's not just me who is determined to help you thrive, but all our other students as well.

Take a look at some of my other work.

Explore some of the other projects I have worked on.

An easy math guide

Take a look at my free math workbook made for students transitioning between middle school and high school.


Calm Daily

A mental health app developed to get you off your phone. Calm Daily aims to reduce your anxiety, center your mind, and bring peace and stillness throughout your day.

Calm Daily reminds users to leave their device, and instead redirects them to custom meditation, leaded reflection, breathing exercises, lulling music/sound, and responsive prose.

A Student is looking for a teacher...

Click the link and take look at a math project I completed called, "Student Search for the Evasive Teacher".

Provided a student’s optimal search strategy in locating a teacher who is in one of n offices, I wrote a report that presents and explains the surprising discoveries and its various applications and potential for future work.

A Simple Guide to Lawn Mowing.

In this paper, I investigated ways to minimize time spent mowing your lawn using a push mower.

Click the link for the paper,
"A Simple Guide to Lawn Mowing."

Explore how I used basic high school level mathematics to derive the time required to mow a rectangular grass region using each of the three ‘popular’ mowing patterns.

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